Watch A Message Regarding COVID-19

We here at Express Vets are taking the new Coronavirus, COVID-19 very seriously. We understand that we are the health care providers for your beloved pets, and we need to keep our doors open during this difficult time. We take this responsibility very seriously. Because of this, we wanted to share with all of you some of the things we are doing to keep ourselves and our office protected.

We will be disinfecting each room and wiping down areas that are commonly touched, our staff is instituting a wash in and wash out policy when entering the exam room. This will also include the front desk; we are doing everything we can to limit contact between our staff and clients. Credit Card terminals will be left on the counter so the client can insert their own card and the machine will be wiped down after each transaction. We will be cleaning the doors and mopping the floor multiple times a day. We are also requesting that any client suffering from upper respiratory symptoms not enter our office, we can always arrange a drop off and we can collect the history via the phone. Unfortunately, we will also be requesting that there be no shaking of hands when we greet each other.

On a final note we are working diligently to start up a telemedicine service next week with our new partner TeleTails. You can download their app on your smartphone or computer via the apple or android services. You can also read more about them at We hope to have the service live sometime next week. This will allow us to offer video conference or text message capabilities for those who cannot come into our office. We will be able to diagnose some things via your history, pictures, or video, and we can even prescribe medications this way. There will be a cost associated with this service but will be less than our normal exam fee. Of course, there will be some conditions/diseases that we cannot properly diagnose via this service, and we will encourage you to come into the office for further testing. Once again, we do offer drop off services, if you do not want to enter the office.

We hope this gives you some degree of comfort knowing that we are doing everything in our power to serve our clients and our pets during this challenging time.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Lyn Lewis,
Owner/Medical Director

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