Did you know…Heartworms are a threat year-round in Georgia! Mosquitos are responsible for spreading heartworm disease and unfortunately because pesky mosquitos thrive in Georgia year long so does the threat of heartworms. Therefore it is important to protect your pets year-round.

An infected mosquito bites your pet, infecting your pet with heartworm larvae. The heartworms then mature inside your pet, living in major vessels around the heart and even sometimes inside the heart itself. It can take longer than 7 months for the heartworms to be detectable with routine testing. An adult heartworm can grow up to a foot in length, living inside your pet’s heart and lungs.

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How to protect your pet
Heartworms threaten ALL pets – not just pets that spend most of their time outdoors! Mosquitos have a way of sneaking in and it just takes one infected mosquito to infect our furry friends. Both dogs and cats are at risk. One study estimated up to 1/3 of cats diagnosed with heartworm disease were considered indoor only!

Heartworm Disease is easy to prevent but painful and life-threatening if infection occurs! Dogs infected with heartworm disease must undergo expensive, lengthy, and painful treatment to rid the body of these dangerous parasites. Sadly, there is currently no treatment for cats.

There are multiple ways to protect your fur baby! Dogs have the option of a monthly oral tablet, such as Simparica Trio, which protects against heartworms, fleas, and ticks, or an injection called Proheart6 or ProHeart12 which lasts for either 6 or 12 months depending on the product chosen. For cats, topicals are the way to go. We recommend Revolution Plus which also stops fleas and ticks in their tracks.

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