“Why is my pet itchy”? is a common question that we receive. Our four-legged friends can be itchy for many reasons.  One major contributor to causing itchiness in dogs and cats is fleas. The next question is “How do I get rid of fleas”? Another common parasite that can cause discomfort and spread disease in dogs and cats is ticks.  Read further to learn more about these problem parasites and how to protect your beloved pets.


Fleas are insects that survive by eating the blood of their hosts (including our household pets).  While crawling on and biting our pets, fleas cause unpleasant symptoms such as itchiness and even allergic reactions.  Fleas will also sometimes bite humans and cause us discomfort as well.



Ticks are arachnids that attach themselves to dogs and cats and even us!  They can carry very serious diseases that can be spread to pets and humans alike.  EEK!

Thankfully, there are many good options to both prevent and treat fleas and ticks that may get on our pets.  Products carried by Express Vets such as Simparica, Simparica Trio, and Revolution are very effective ways to address fleas and ticks.  Make an appointment today and let’s further discuss protecting your pets with these medications.

These products are also part of the Zoetis Rewards Program and you will receive rebates on your purchase.
This is a win-win for you and your pet! 

Having your pet on year-round flea and tick prevention is always recommended especially here in the southeast where our environment is very hospitable to these parasites.  Whenever your dog or cat goes outside, they are at risk of picking up fleas and ticks.  Even pets that never go outside such as indoor-only cats are at risk of picking up these parasites as other pets and us humans can bring them in.  Although fleas and ticks prefer warm weather, they can still survive in cold temps and they can also survive just fine if they get in our homes.

If your pet gets fleas, treating them is only half the battle.  Fleas can make your pet extremely itchy and medications are usually required to treat this symptom even once the fleas are gone.  Cytopoint is a very effective injection used in dogs to make them less itchy for up to 8 weeks.  If your pet is itchy either as a result of having fleas or for any other reason, please call Express Vets and we would be happy to help them!

In summary, fleas are ticks are very unpleasant parasites that can make life for our pets and us miserable. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to keep them from becoming a problem and we at Express Vets are happy to help!

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